6 Marketing Twists That Helped Startups In Mature Markets Stand Out

+ The Secrets to Succeeding With 3rd-Party Analyst Firms

There’s too much noise out there.

You can’t expect to make a splash doing the same thing as everyone else .

So to help with your creative juices, here are 6 twists on otherwise-boring marketing activities:

1. Acquisition Announcement —> Documentary

Paddle released a documentary that covered their acquisition of ProfitWell. It showed behind-the-scenes footage of the actual process going down.

The kicker? According to Paddle’s CMO, Andrew Davies, it only cost them $10k to produce.

2. Blog Center —> Revenue Hub

Every company has a blog. But not every company has its own media arm.

Clari recently launched their media portal, runrevenue.pro.

  • They don’t have blogs. They have “atomic articles.”

  • They don’t have e-books. They have “precision playbooks.”

  • They don’t have case studies. They have a “race to revenue” video series.

3. Executive Hire PR —> internal email

When new executives are hired, most companies just make a PR announcement then call it a day.

When Intercom announced that their original Founder, Eoghan McCabe, had returned as CEO, they posted the internal email that their CEO sent the company.

The result? Non-Intercom employees felt like insiders. The company was shifting and everyone was invited to come along for the ride.

4. Massive User Conference —> Intimate, Exclusive Networking Event

Few people actually enjoy conferences.

They’re stuffy, filled with lots of self-promotion, bad food, etc.

Wynter fixed that with their Spryng conference.

  • Attendees were capped to 200 people

  • Hosted at an outdoor venue in Austin, TX.

  • All-you-can-eat pizza, tacos, and beer.

Attendees got to attend sessions moderated by well-known marketers, and then hang out with them afterwards. The only “conference” I’ve ever enjoyed attending throughout.

5. Influencer Promotions —> Influencer Partnerships

Layoffs are being announced every week. So Ross Pomerantz (aka Corporate Bro) created a crowd-sourced Google Sheet for folks to share open roles.

Adam Schoenfeld, CEO of Keyplay, saw this and offered to enrich the company data so that it stayed up-to-date.

In less than a week, they were able to partner up and add more value together than they would separately by publishing stillhiring.today—community sourced, ungated, BS-free, list of tech companies who are still actually hiring.

6. Conference Booth —> Food Truck

You don’t always have to sponsor a booth to get the most out of conferences.

Sprig sponsored a food truck and got a great turnout.

  • Memorable

  • The donuts were Sprig-branded

  • Attendees got donuts in exchange for filling out a Sprig survey

Healthy Competition is all about fruits ‘n veggies, but we’ll make an exception and endorse donuts as well 🍩

The Secrets to Succeeding With 3rd-Party Analyst Firms

Jarod Greene is the VP of Product & Customer Marketing at Highspot. Prior to becoming a PMM, he worked as a Research Director at Gartner.

Analyst Relations has always been a big question mark for me (and a lot of marketers that I know)—so here were my biggest takeaways from our conversation:

  • You need to have a deep understanding of your market landscape and know how you differentiate in order to explain your product's value to industry analysts.

  • Similar to customers, you should incorporate analyst feedback into your product strategy. Engage with them on a regular basis and listen to their feedback.

  • Too many people concern themselves with ranking as #1 on Grids or Magic Quadrants. There’s a lot of value in being the niche player. Maybe you can even position yourself as a category disruptor (like Qualified is doing in the Conversational Marketing space).

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