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You see this leaked internal doc from Google?

Headline: “We have no moat, and neither does OpenAI”

The author claims that Google and OpenAI are being challenged by a competitor that nobody’s talking about.

That competitor is open-source language models (LLMs).

Here’s a simple explanation of why:

  • they’re faster

  • they’re more customizable

  • they’re comparable in quality to proprietary models from Google & OpenAI

  • community is driving the innovation. Individuals and institutions worldwide are building on each other’s network, outpacing the progress of large companies like Google & OpenAI.

Is it accurate? I don’t know! I just asked ChatGPT to summarize the article.


(or am I?)

So what does this person think Google should do?

They believe Google should embrace the open-source community, learn from their work, and establish itself as a leader by cooperating with the broader conversation.

Because the opposite surely wouldn’t work. After all, how can you directly compete against something that’s often free, high-quality, and unrestricted?

It’s fascinating to get inside the mind of someone working on arguably the most important, competitive tech of the past couple decades.

Let me know what you thought of it.

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Quick Tips / Examples

In the spirit of highlighting the power of open source, here’s how is marketing their product against Calendly.


That’s one way to defend against against paid search competitors :-)

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