Build Competitive Landing Pages That Convert

Also: 81 free competitive examples for your swipe file

Competitive comparison pages are part art, part science.

I've seen beautifully written pages with terrible conversion, and I've seen terribly written pages with fantastic conversion.

What's the deal here?? How can we break through the noise? How can we show our differentiation while still optimizing for conversion? And hey, what about those competitive SEO blogs... where do those fit in?

I've asked myself these questions multiple times over the years. So I figured we should bring in a couple of experts in the next Healthy Competition session and help us get some answers.

  • Lashay Lewis offers comparison page strategy for growth-stage B2B SaaS startups through her advisory, Authority Plug.

  • Federico Jorge delivers high-converting, SEO-optimized comparison pages for SaaS companies through his agency, Stack Against.

With their guidance, you'll leave this session with a clear path to building competitive comparison pages that nail your messaging, and convert your target audience at a higher rate than ever.

Register below and I'll see ya there πŸ’ͺ

New Session 🧠

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What’s happening now

Mark Zuckerberg shared a video comparing Meta’s Quest 3 to its new big competitor, the Apple Vision Pro πŸ‘‡

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Your weekly dose of vitamin C(ompete)

New swipe file just dropped πŸ’šΒ 

It's called Competitive Snacks, and it has all my fav competitive marketing examples.

  • You can't filter,

  • there are no categories,

  • it's laid out in the style of my Piczo from back in 6th grade,

and I think you're gonna enjoy scrolling through it :-)

  • 81 examples

  • 21 stories

  • 12 hours of my time πŸ€ͺ

  • 100% free

My only ask: if you like it, please share it with someone else who might too!


From the Community

Here are a couple threads that got folks talking this week.

β€œWait, what’s the Healthy Competition Community again?”

It’s where 100+ Product Marketers and Competitive Intel practitioners connect and share tips to help each other win.

Peachy memes πŸ‘

Stay Healthy, my friends.