Competitive Mindset for 2024

Also: the CI salary survey, Intercom's new home page, and more

I had a blast at the Spryng conference last week.

One of my fav soundbites came from Alina Vandenbergh, Co-CEO at Chili Piper.

When Chili Piper first started out, they didn’t have many competitors. Now, they have a ton—and they view it as a positive.

i.e. they see a correlation between their competitors’ growth and Chili Piper’s growth.

This is the exact mindset that all companies should be adopting in 2024.

I love when we win deals and I get to put ‘competitor’ as the attribution.

Alina Vandenbergh


We launched a salary survey to help competitive intel practitioners get paid what they deserve.

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What’s happening now

  • 💦 | Gatorade’s taking action against new trendy alternatives [more]

  • 📖 | Kindle’s biggest competitor just launched a color e-reader [more]

  • 🛒 | Amazon set up secret war rooms to outcompete Trader Joe’s [more]

  • 🧱 | Notion’s strategy against Google and Microsoft? Be like legos [more]

  • 💬 | Airchat aims to disrupt text-based social media competitors like X [more]

  • 🧑‍💻 | GitHub’s Copilot became the go-to coding assistant. Now, Google’s throwing their hat in the ring [more]


Your weekly dose of vitamin C(ompete)

Intercom launched a new website and put a competitive comparison right on their homepage.

Loved this unique way of framing G2 performance.

Check out their new website, if you haven't already—it's actually fun to scroll through*

*something I never thought I'd say about a B2B website


From the Community

Here are a couple threads that got folks talking this week.

“Wait, what’s the Healthy Competition Community again?

It’s where 100+ Product Marketers and Competitive Intel practitioners connect and share tips to help each other win.

Here are some more goodies if you want to keep the party going:

Stay Healthy, my friends.