Don't overdo the whole "different" thing

Also: A wild Pokémon competitor appears!

Similarities vs. differences, A wild Pokémon competitor appears,
& Paper-like websites

Don't forget to talk about how you're similar to competitors.

Yes, you still need to have differentiators.

But many tools are deeply embedded in business systems. And nobody wants to spend a bunch of time learning new "different" things.

You can tie to ROI and revenue all you want, but people are inherently lazy. So make sure to cover similarities too. After all, a good chunk of most startups’ revenue comes from ripping & replacing competitors.

"We have all the good stuff that you know and love, as well as these differentiators that’ll really help you kick things up a notch"

^^^ except, you know… more marketing-y 😇


What’s happening now

  • 🧑‍⚖️ | European regulators shot down Amazon’s acquisition of iRobot, citing that the move would restrict competition [read more]

  • 🎮 | The Pokemon Company is investigating Palworld—a new competing creature-capture game—for copyright infringement [read more]

  • 🔎 | Arc wants you to replace Chrome and Safari with their new mobile browser [read more]

  • 🐝 | Despite going up against massive competitors like Twitter, Facebook, and Substack, beehiiv raised a $2.6M seed round back in 2020. Here’s the pitch deck they used.


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The goal of a startup's vision statement: get your target audience to say "hell yes!!"

So many companies waste this opportunity with generic, quasi-inspirational jargon. But does it beautifully. Here's the flow:

Their home page explains their offer. As you scroll you see a few differentiators, though they're not terribly unique from other drag-and-drop sites.

Then at the bottom, you’re presented with their vision.

And that’s where they stand out and even make up for some of the features that they probably lack.

I didn't compare pricing, or look at any feature comparisons. But I said "hell yes!!" to the vision and bookmarked it to explore more later.


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