Keys to Presenting Competitive Intel

Also: the pocket AI assistant giving Siri a run for its money

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So here’s a little something about me and my process for writing this newsletter.

I write this intro after everything else in the newsletter is done and dusted. And in typical fashion, here I am on a Tuesday evening—I’ve written the newsletter and now I just need to finish things off here.

But ya know what? I don’t really have anything quippy or sharp to add. So I’m just gonna leave it be.

All I know is I felt really good writing this newsletter. And I enjoyed reading through when I was editing it. Sometimes the process can be a chore. But not this time.

So anyway, I hope this feeling I’m describing shows through as you read.

With that out of the way, it’s time for your regularly scheduled programming. And we’ll kick things off with a fun announcement: our first Healthy Competition session of the year! 🥳 


Nailing Competitive Presentations
for SKOs & User Conferences

One of the biggest opportunities of the year for PMMs and Competitive Intel folks is coming up: SKO season.

Why is it a big opportunity? Because it's one of the few times when you have your entire sales team's attention. Which means it's perfect to...

  • announce a new competitive intel program

  • earn trust from your revenue leadership team

  • conduct role plays for competitive deal situations

  • enable on the competitive landscape for a new product line

Register now and learn from Justin Topliff (Competitive & Market Strategy @ Salesforce) and Clara Smyth (Competitive Enablement Consulting @ Klue) as they share tips for delivering speaking sessions that'll help your competitive intel programs shine.

Even if you can’t make it live, we’ll be recording the session. So if this topic interests you at all, make sure to register and we’ll send the recording directly to you when it’s done.

BTW, Healthy Competition sessions got an upgrade :-) I’m stoked to share that I partnered with Goldcast to bring you the best competitive intel sessions in 2024. Their platform and support have been absolutely top tier, and I highly recommend them if you’re in the market for a new events platform.

Can’t wait to bring you more sessions this year! Speaking of which…

What should the topic of next month's session be?

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What’s happening now

  • 🐰 | The rabbit r1 is a pocket AI assistant that might give Siri a run for its money. It’s differentiator? A proprietary AI model called LAM (Large Action Model) that powers its software [read more]

  • 😤 | After Carta landed in hot water for misusing sensitive startup info, competitors like AngelList and Pulley launched promotions to sway disgruntled customers [read more]

  • 📈 | Apple’s long-time rival, Microsoft, recently overtook them as the world’s most valuable company [read more]

  • ☁️ | Google Cloud made it… easier for customers to switch to competitors? A move that they no doubt hope that their competitors adopt, as well [read more]

  • 💸 | The right way to incorporate competitive strategy in the GTM slides you pitch to investors [read more]


Your weekly dose of vitamin C(ompete)

If you're a startup, please use these 3 pillars in your messaging:

  1. target persona (most businesses stop here)

  2. competitor commonly used by that persona

  3. pain points you solve for that target persona that the competitor does not

Brian Ragone from Puzzle did this perfectly in a post recently 👇


From the Community

Here are a couple threads that got folks talking this week.

“Wait, what’s the Healthy Competition Community again?

It’s where 100+ Product Marketers and Competitive Intel practitioners connect and share tips to help each other win.

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