Introducing the Healthy Competition Talent Collective

Open to work? Let's connect you with companies that are hiring.

Open to work? Hiring? This update is for you 👇

I’m sharing a new project called the Healthy Competition Talent Collective.

It’s not like other job boards. Instead of just sharing open roles I see on LinkedIn, we’re going to take things a step further by connecting two groups:

  1. Competitive Intel practitioners and PMMs that are looking for new jobs

  2. Companies that are looking for Competitive Intel and PMM candidates

This week, I’m focusing on finding candidates who are open to work. Next week, I’ll turn my attention to finding companies who are hiring.

(but if you’re really hoping to hire a candidate soon, let me know and I’ll give you early access)

So if you’re a PMM or CI practitioner that’s looking for work, or just open to a conversation, consider applying to the Healthy Competition Talent Collective below.

And btw, you can make your candidate profile anonymous if you so choose.

All applications are reviewed by me, personally. Feel free to follow up if you have any questions or feedback!


Healthy Competition Talent Collective

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I'm not sure anyone expects compare pages to be 100% objective—I mean cmon, they’re hosted on your website so there's gotta be some bias.

But using as much customer proof as possible helps make your narrative more authentic, and keeps things relevant from a buyer's POV.

So try to incorporate as much customer proof as possible in your competitive messaging, like UserEvidence does in their compare page against TechValidate.


From the Community

Big week in the Healthy Competition Community—we crossed the 100-member mark! Thanks to each and every community member for making it great 💚

What’s the Healthy Competition Community? It’s where the world's leading Competitive Intel practitioners connect, learn, and share the tactics that help their companies win. It’s kinda like having your own competitive intelligence committee on speed dial.

Here are some recent threads that got the community talking.

Want to see more? Memberships are $10/month and come with a free 7-day trial.

Peachy memes 🍑


The first step is admitting that there are threats 🫡 #saas #b2bmarketing #techtok #pmm #productmarketing #competitiveintelligence #businesstok

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Stay Healthy, my friends.


PS: in case you missed it…

Last week, I announced a new course that I’m leading with Jason Oakley and Tamara Grominsky—it’s called Ready for Launch - The PMM’s Guide to Product Launches.

It covers everything you need to run a repeatable, efficient product launch from start to finish. And we built it so new or experienced PMMs can learn something from it.