The Ultimate Guide to AI Workflows for Competitive Research

Also: The fast-food restaurant that won the "chicken wars"

We have growth hacking. We have sales hacking.

Next up, I think we'll see "compete hacking."

The rise of user friendly no-code, web scraping, and AI tools have presented a lot of opportunity for competitive intel folks.

But it's still early, so there are no "best practices" yet. The use cases aren't blatantly in your face... so you need to roll your sleeves up a bit and get scrappy :-)

And IMO, the person at the forefront of this is Martin Obretenov. Every time I talk with him about this stuff, I learn something new.

He did a web scraping session with us last year, and one of the hacks he shared regularly saves me hours of time from what I had done in a previous workflow.

And now he's back! In his Healthy Competition session this Friday, he'll be sharing:

  • How to scrape competitor job openings

  • How to monitor competitor pricing pages

  • How to pull competitors G2 reviewers’ identities for retargeting

  • Tools that can help you with these workflows that don't break the bank

This will be hands-on, tactical CI stuff.

Sharing screens, showing you how the workflow is done. No fluff.

And it’s open to all competitive intel practitioners or product marketers, not just Healthy Competition members. All registrants will get the recording (but we'll be doing a Q&A, so joining live will probably be most valuable if you have any questions).

New Session

PS: big thank you to Goldcast for helping us keep these events free. Check them out if you’re evaluating digital event platforms.

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Your weekly dose of vitamin C(ompete)

The "chicken wars" saw fast-food giants clashing beaks over who had the superior chicken sandwich, until Popeyes ended things with its "Come in Piece" campaign where they…

  1. announced a new chicken nuggets option on their menu

  2. bought and donated one million nuggets from competitors


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